The Flotsam Furniture Works

Custom Furniture Handmade in Portland, OR

Now in our seventh year, the Flotsam Furniture Works endeavors to create distinctive modern furnishings while incorporating sustainable and responsibly sourced materials whenever possible.  Whether it’s an original design utilizing salvaged lumber in the frame construction, upholstery made from renewable fibers, or a simple natural oil wood finish, each piece of furniture is made with as much consideration for the source of materials as for how they’re used in the final product. 

About your craftsman

My name is Nick Sario, and I created The Flotsam Furniture Works out of a thoughtfully cultivated fusion of single-minded obsession and wild desperation. 

At the time this all began, home was a drafty Chicago apartment furnished almost entirely by hand-me-downs from my roommate’s grandmother. We were grateful to have any furnishings at all, but it was a bit odd living in an apartment that appeared to have been decorated by an eighty year old woman circa 1975. Neither of us could afford anything new, so as the furniture began to very literally break down beneath us, I took it upon myself to peel back the faded gold velour and make repairs. Things evolved quickly after that. Arcane looking upholstery tools began cluttering the apartment, then taking over entire rooms. The sun porch was commandeered for woodworking while the dining room was repurposed for sewing and upholstery. Before long I was buying supplies in bulk and recovering third-hand chairs just to learn how they’d been assembled. 

The growing industry in my apartment was a stark counterpoint to my day job. I was temping as a data entry clerk after losing two positions to the recession, and the daily reminder that I was almost thirty and my only marketable skill was apparently my speed at the numeric ten-key left me feeling a singular mixture of restlessness, self-doubt, and terror. I was desperate for some kind of radical course correction, some way to orient myself away from the pursuit of a paycheck and toward the pursuit of skills, some means to prove that despite the years of mundane repetition I could still muster in myself the tiniest bit of craft and grace, and thus The Flotsam Furniture Works was born.

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